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Hot-Cut Pneumatic Knifeholder

Hot-Cut Pneumatic Knifeholder



MT-A710 hot-cut type knife-holder adopts the air pressure design to control the downstroke, equipped with a special heating blade that can process the slitting and melt simultaneously. The knife holder is provided with compact dimensions, rapid rising/cooling temperature, and highly stable slitting quality. Unlike conventional heating methods, MT-A710 can be heated to the required temperature within 1 minute, significantly saving warm-up time. It can also be cooled down to room temperature within a few minutes, to prevent the operator from inadvertently touching the blade to get hurt. MT-A710 can also be operated with MT-A710C the temperature controller optionally. MT-A710C using the SSR method by PID controller can control the working temperature much more precisely, ensuring the consistency of the slitting quality.

MT-A710 Hot-Cut Type Pneumatic Knifeholder


MT-A710 Hot-Cut Type Pneumatic Knifeholder


MT-A710 Hot-Cut Type Pneumatic Knifeholder


MT-A710 Hot-Cut Type Pneumatic Knifeholder


MT-A710 Hot-Cut Type Pneumatic Knifeholder


MT-A710 Hot-Cut Type Pneumatic Knifeholder

Model                      MT-A710                                                               



Min. slit width            13mm              

Max. slit speed           20M/min(1)

Down-stroke               0~14mm              

Air pressure                 2~6/kg/cm²              

Blade hardness          HRC53°~HRC58°

Blade voltage             DC12V

Blade current             10A

Blade power               120W

Working temp.          50~600 °C

Guide-bar                    GB01/GB02/GB04

Feature                         Fast heating/cooling

                                           Good thermal insulation

                                           Stable slitting quality

                                           Adjustable down-stroke

                                           Compact design

Suitable                       Nylon / Teolon / Material with knitting need to slit and melt up the

                                          edge to prevent material separate.

                                          PP / PE flim plastic material etc. , slitting need to melt up two 
                                          layers together.





(1) The maximum slitting speed is according to the actual materials, thickness and slitting results.

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Not Like 
Everyone Else
MT-A710 the heat-cut type knife holder has designed with a special heating blade can both process slit and melt edge at the same time. The heating blade equipped the K-Type thermocouple to achieve precisely closed temperature control.
The innovative design of MT-A710 knife-holder has the advantage of high-heating efficiency, 
the temperature can be up to 600°C from normal temperature within 1 minute.

MT-A710 the heat-cut type knife-holder has designed the air pressure to control heat blade stroke can connect to the host machine to control with the collaboration of external solenoid valve. It can be controlled to pull out the blade automatically when downtime to avoid the heat blade's temperature too high to result from overheating.

Attention to Detail
Through the depth control mechanism to control further the downstroke. The proper gap of blade and material can gain a better slitting edge, also reduce the wear between the blade and hard roller, making the lifetime longer.

Precisely Control
The temperature controller-MT-A710C using SSR method by PID controller, each set of MT-A710C can control one MT-A710 individually, and providing precise working temperature control by auto turning to ensure the same product quality.
The Absolute 
MT-A710 provide the solution for the narrow slitting space and fusion of various types of synthetic fibers and plastics, coordinate with the proper working temperature and the slitting speed can reach the effect of smooth and clean slitting edge without scorch.