Jun 01, 2021

MT-A850 Shear Pneumatic Knifeholder

MT-A850 is a deal for heavy-duty application since it has a new robust knife-holder design ensuring stable downforce and side force. Individual control valves provide two-stage action, downstroke, and sidestroke continuous or separate movement. Self-flow control and micro depth adjustment design is the key to prevent damage blade and simplifying the operation due to up to 0.05mm down stoke overlap control. New cant angle adjustment and adaptive bottom knife holder offer easy operation for different web direction application. The changeable mounting bracket can be compatible with GB guide-bar series or other different exist guide-bar systems. MT-A850 with outstanding flexibility design allows major for paper, plastic film, non-woven fibers, and other applications.

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Dec 02, 2020

MT-A450 Shear Pneumatic Knifeholder

MT-A450 is new designed for flexible application and improving operational efficiency. It has cant angle adjustable and replaceable bottom make easier to use at different web direction. The new function, self flow control can prevent damage blade when operation, and another Iike micrometer, with the same structure the micro depth adjustment, enhance control overlap distance accuracy up to 0.05mm. Standard knife holder equips ø90mm top blade, it can also choice 450L for ø105mm top blade. MT-A450 offers a wide range of slitting material including plastic, paper, copper foil..etc., thickness under 0.4mm and slit width within 53mm applications.

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